About Us

About Our Hearing Care Practice

Our Key Principals

In Home Service - Since 1988 we continue to bring all your hearing needs to your home at no additional cost, in order to provide above and beyond hearing service. People of all ages can take advantage of this service since hearing aids require ongoing care.

Fair Price - Our products are typically 50% off the price of our competitors. What's the catch? There is none. We would challenge you to check out the competition, then come and check us out to see the difference. The simple answer is that we carry a low overhead so that we can pass on a low cost for the same product that you most likely will pay $1000's more from our competition. Big ads, big offices, big staff, means a big price tag for you.

Reliable Products - Full Line of 100% Digital Programmable Hearing Aids. We have access to multiple carriers to choose from. We most likely carry the same brand the competition carries. There are so many manufacturers out there and many of them are quality. Our recommended choice is Starkey.

No Pressure - We will provide our professional opinion, but we want you to, ultimately, make your own decision to improve your hearing without any hard selling pressure. 

Repairs - We can repair any hearing aid, any brand, at a fair price and it will include a 1 year warranty. If you were happy with the results you achieved just before your old hearing aid broke then you may want to consider repairing it.